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Welcome - friends of bauhaus architecture!> Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany

The Weißenhofsiedlung, Stuttgart

Stuttgart, City of "The Weissenhof Estate".

While continuing his traditional design practice Mies began to develop visionary projects that, though mostly unbuilt, rocketed him to fame as a progressive architect. He worked with the progressive design magazine G which started in July 1923. 

He developed prominence as architectural director of the Werkbund, organizing the influential Weissenhof prototype modernist housing exhibition. He was also one of the founders of the architectural association "Der Ring". He joined the avant-garde Bauhaus design school as their director of architecture, adopting and developing their functionalist application of simple geometric forms in the design of useful objects.

Weissenhof Estate Weissenhof Estate Weissenhof Estate Weissenhof Estate

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