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80 years Dammerstock

80 years Karlsruhe Dammerstock

26.09.2009 - 25.10.2009: 80 years Dammerstock settlement in Karlsruhe, Germany

1929 - 80 years from now the first part of the so called Dammerstock Siedlung - a project of residence buildings, that were built according to the new modernism Bauhaus style, was opened. Walter Gropius was the leading architect of this first phase of construction. The most important idea, was to follow the straight-aligned, and to their critics, schematic, so called Zeilenbau flats designed by Otto Haesler, Gropius and others.

In October 1929 the inauguration of the first 228 flats took place, connected to the exhibition "Die Gebrauchswohnung".

Between September 26th and October 25th 2009 several events will take place remembering the inauguration, that took place 80 years ago. Guided tours and presentations, organised by the Bürgerverein Weiherfeld-Dammerstock e.V., will provide the possibility to see behind the curtain of some of these vangard buildings.

The program booklet "80 Jahre Dammerstock-Siedlung" 26.09. - 25.10.2009 (in German) can be downloaded at the organiser's website.

Dammerstock KurzführerIn connection to this event a new book was published, the so-called "Dammerstock".

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Braun; Edition: 1 (September 2009)
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3765085359- Oder now!

More books covering the Bauhaus topic can be found in our Bauhaus Shop.

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