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Welcome - friends of bauhaus architecture!> Big Bauhaus Photos

Big Bauhaus Photos

Big Bauhaus Photos

Recently, quite a few people asked me, if I could present bigger pictures of the buildings of the bauhaus era. So, here we go!

As the download traffic would increase immediately, it is not possible to upload all pictures in a bigger size at once. So, I decided to present big pictures of architectual objects of the 1920s one by one. Each month another one!

Spread the word!

10.2009: I got an e-mail of one of the residents living in 860-880 North Lake Shore Drive buildings in Chicago searching for a "pre-1982 photograph that clearly shows the main
entry door of the 860 or the rear service doors of 860 or 880". As I only have a photo of this area taken in 2000, I will post this in our newest update, at least. But: If YOU have a photo of these particular spots which was taken before 1982, please send it to me ( and I will be happy to forward it.

Former editions of "Big Bauhaus pictures" can be found in the archive.

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