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Berlin, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany

Dessau, Germany

Karlsruhe, Germany

Brno, Czech Republic

Chicago, USA

New York, USA

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Welcome - friends of bauhaus architecture!

Welcome - friends of bauhaus architecture!

Bauhaus Building, Dessau, Germany

This website gives an overview of outstanding architectural buildings, constructed by architects of the 1920s, the so called "Bauhaus era". As one of the most outstanding architects of this epoch is Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, this website sets its main focus on his buildings. Nevertheless also buildings of Walter Gropius, Karl Friedrich Schinkel and others will be represented.

Bulidings on this website at a glance:

Chicago: IIT-Campus, 860/880 Lake Shore Drive, 900/910 Lake Shore Drive, Federal Center, IBM Regional Office Building, 111 East Wacker Drive
New York: Seagram Liquor Company

Berlin: Neue Nationalgalerie, Haus Riehl, Haus Urbig, Haus Mosler
Dessau: Bauhaus Building
Stuttgart: Weissenhofsiedlung

Bauhaus-Architecture News:

Seagram Building
A new 3D rendering movie of the seagram building... continue reading.

Bauhaus Presents:
Show good taste and make your best friends a gift they will love: the bauhaus calendar 2010! A perfect cpresent for all your friends who are intere... continue reading.

Dammerstock Settlement:
Location: Karlsruhe-Dammerstock, Germany ... continue reading.

Big Bauhaus Photos:
Recently, quite a few people asked me, if I could present bigger pictures of the buildings of the bauhaus era. So, here we go! As the download traffi... continue reading.

Bauhaus Shop:
Gift recommendations for architects and designers ... continue reading.

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